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The former guy needs to be sent to the showers of Sing Sing Penitentiary where he will one day drop his soap and find new friends.

The meaning of REPUDIATE is to refuse to accept; especially : to reject as unauthorized or as having no binding force. We therefore predict that American voters will refuse to accept his Big Liee as true, good, or reasonable:We will have repudiated the allegation that he had tried to deceive voters all along. Some in media  continue to edit out the most disturbing and disgusting portions of his rabid speeches, while some journalists normalize his behavior with descriptions like 'rambling

The free press must stop his pathological statements as simply abnormal because it is dangerous and perverse. This guy is a monster who has like Faust sold his soul to Satan.

Besides being a fraud he is a serial liar and a con man. Don’t believe a word he says or let him influence you to violence. He is playing all of you, people. He is playing you to help himself and no one else.He received his orders from Putin and both madmen are trying to destroy The United States of America as payback to the Republican Reagan-Bush administration which dismantled The Soviet Union.

He warned of a “bloodbath” if he loses in November as he campaigned in Ohio. He took the opportunity to use the stage to deliver a profanity-filled version of his usual rally speech that again painted an apocalyptic picture of this great nation if POTUS wins a second term. The twice impeached Farsi’s and indicted loser likes to threaten anyone who challenge his lifelong practice of illegal acts.

In God, We. Trust - We The People will only vote for candidates who work for our greater good.

Don’t trust anyone who cannot be questioned. 
Don’t trust anyone who says “I’m an expert” 
Don’t trust anyone who belittles others in private or public
Don’t trust anyone who shares proprietary documents with others. 
Don’t trust anyone who throws a fit when things don’t go their way. 
Don’t trust anyone who is guilty of rape and fraud and has criminal and civil lawsuits pending. 
Don’t trust anyone who denigrates and bad-mouths the company. 
Don’t trust anyone who says “I’ll let you know where we are in 2 weeks” and never produces. 
Don’t trust anyone who goes on vacation constantly leaving the work to pile up. 
Don’t trust anyone who is known to be a fraud a thief and a pathological liar. 

It is not a surprise that his VP and many of his chosen Cabinet member, so-called best people” refuse to endorse his re-election.