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The former guy's unhinged response after he put in a legal filing that he doesn’t have the cash to post a $464 million bond.

His attorneys told the court the New York Attorney General's civil fraud case after it was revealed his campaign is struggling to raise money.

Trump can’t secure $454 million appeal bond in New York fraud case, his lawyers say…

Behind Trump’s campaign cash crunch: Small-dollar donor fatigue, major donor hesitation.…

  • Former President Donald Trump is facing two major fundraising problems: a shortage of big-money interest and a drop in small-dollar donor support.
  • The decline in small-dollar contributors could be a significant obstacle, as the former president seeks to cobble together a 2024 war chest.
  • Small-dollar donors are critical to Trump’s ability to raise enough money to fund his presidential campaign.

meanwhile from a Florida Court: 

Judge in Trump classified documents case proposes 'insane' jury instructions, experts say

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon proposed to instruct jurors a president has sole authority to declare records personal, which legal experts say would amount to dismissing the case against Trump.…