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On Sunday some of my favorite ladies and I went on a stroll along Central Park’s Cherry Blossom trail. The winds grounded many pedals.

I tried keeping up with my baby girl, my first grandchild and my wife but I’m not as fast and fit as I once was. However I thoroughly enjoyed the hike and the view.

On the east side of the Reservoir, the Yoshino cherries’ whitish-pink blossoms are the main attraction. Cloud-like and ethereal, they frame the sweeping views of the surrounding city skyline.

‘The forecast is a 40 percent chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 50. Northeast wind 7 to 13 mph.

Don't miss the Cherry Blossoms blooming before they’re all gone until next time. So for all those TV newsmen who are gone but not forgotten…

This is UB thanking you for your time this time 'till next time.-  BILL JORGENSEN'S FAMOUS LINE: Many news anchors back in the day had signature lines to close their newscasts. Bill Beutel's was "good luck, be well."