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More than a couple of decades ago. a collective of media thinkers developed #Imaginus to help out a divided world.

Then, back in the 90's, I moved to City Island, NY to build News 12 The Bronx and to recruit and train a staff. Following a successful launch, I was hired by The Associated Press to serve as its founding television news, Operations Director, and NY Bureau Chief. 

I decided to stay a while, purchased a condo, and paid it off after I took a buyout, with early retirement and a pension.  Since then, I have been teaching at various colleges and universities, serving as a media consultant, a citizen journalist, and a social media blogger. An active member of the Fifth Estate.

I've been actively involved in community engagement. My dedication to current events, fostering free speech, and contributing to civic-centered building are valuable for grassroots development. is a platform that adds a meaningful layer to the community experience, providing a space for individuals to share their thoughts and events.

Our continued efforts in expanding and evolving this service request that if you have any specific questions or if there's anything you'd like assistance with, feel free to let us know!

We launched City Images - Online: #CityImages

It offers total and immediate access to ultra-local news, information, and lifestyle opportunities through a diverse range of topics of interest to all City dwellers, including those living on City Island, a slice of NYC paradise. This is a free service, where everyone can share their thoughts and events with the community, exercising the principles of free speech, participating in civic-centered building through multimedia, and encouraging positive character development through inspirational content. It offers free activity resources to engage, educate, and inform while providing entertaining and interactive experiences. 

Since providing news and information content is a constant work in process, this service offers an immediate source for timely, credible, and straightforward content for all members of our community. Additionally, we will provide analysis, a variety of eclectic columns, and colorful commentary. As our content continues to evolve, we should not waver from our mission, to provide valuable information to clam diggers and mussel suckers. We are committed to delivering content that not only informs but offers valuable details and perspectives. We hope that all of you join in expanding this unparalleled service. Every announcement, comment, or suggestion is encouraged and will be published free of charge. 

To have a troll-free, hate-free comments area and because crazy haters would rather spend an eternity in hell than send me donations if forced to become a paid subscriber to our Comments section here is limited to identifiable individuals.

Anyone can send comments, opinions, and thoughts by writing to: 

I read every one of them, though obviously, I can’t respond to all. And every few weeks or so I will follow up on suggestions and my planned podcast so that your voice is heard by the multitudes in this wonderful community of readers and listeners.

The solution here is not optimal but it has worked and my Comments section has become a great meeting place for people wanting to discuss the ideas and issues I raise here. There is debate and disagreement, but it is refreshing to have it done with respect and civility, unfettered by the stench of bigotry and #MAGA - Q-anon insanity.

Also, feel free to seek news and information content by visiting #DONews, offering no paywalls fee-free news and information, resources, technology, humor, wisdom, and knowledge, and allowing our neighbors to always be in touch. City Images is a contribution to freedom and democracy in a digital age. 

Thank you. We look forward to hearing back and appreciate your time and your professional consideration.