Celia Mi Vida

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As we approach the anniversary of her death, it is most important to recall Celia's life of music and her patriotic integrity. 

Úrsula Hilaria Celia de la Caridad Cruz Alfonso, known as Celia Cruz, was a Cuban-American singer and one of the most popular Latin artists of the 20th century. Cruz rose to fame in Cuba during the 1950s as a singer of guarachas, earning the nickname "La Guarachera de Cuba"

Celia Cruz became an international Superstar with her own unique type and style. To many in Latin America, she was a folk Hero because after all the struggles that Celia had she still managed to remain a star until her last day of life.

My mother and aunts were huge fans of La Guarachera and her story as well as her melodic messages are the real reasons. Celia Cruz was born on October 21, 1925 in Havana, Cuba, and died in the USA on July 16, 2003 in Fort Lee, NJ