Cubans Protest

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It was a year ago today 7/11 that Cubans took to the streets to peacefully protest against the Communist government's repression.

The U.S. State Department has just imposed visa restrictions against 28 Cuban officials that it said were implicated in a crackdown on largely peaceful protests in Cuba one year ago.

Thousands of people in Cuba took part in an unprecedented protest, calling for the end of dictatorship as they shouted “Patria y Vida” and “Libertad.”

For over two decades, I’ve lived on City Island - A Slice of NYC Paradise. This small strip of land surrounded by water is part of New York City, but the antithesis of the concrete jungle. City Island is buffered from the US mainland by Pelham Park, the largest outdoor space The Big Apple has to offer.

You see, I was born on another island, which was coined the pearl of the Antilles. Cuba is a gorgeous Caribbean nation that I left along with my family as a boy and have not been able to return to since. I tried three times and the Cuban government insisted on keeping me out.

I never wanted to abandon Cuba. My love will remain forever as a white rose to rest on my lap, in case I don't get back.

The following reports are from TV Marti, AP, WPLG-TV 10, and NBC. All the places I previously worked at. Here is their take on this solemn anniversary.

While directing TV Marti news, I produced the first-ever #USA government music video

More images and coverage on these never before seen protests from Marti Media https://www.radiotelevisionmarti…

For days, people gathered in the streets of South Florida too, with flags, signs, and chants as thousands marched to Washington, D.C., to call on the Biden administration to pressure Cuba’s Communist government into meaningful reforms.

On the protest anniversary, Cuba, and the US are far apart on what happened…

A year after protests, Cuba struggles to emerge from crisis…

A date celebrated by Cubans everywhere

The Cuban 🇨🇺 flag was raised over @CityofMiami City Hall today to commemorate a year anniversary of the protests in Cuba, where people demanded freedom and the end of a dictatorship. Mayor @FrancisSuarez and Commissioners @JoeCarolloNow and @Manolo4Miami organized the Little Havana, a crowd meets outside Miami’s Versailles in solidarity with Cuban political protesters…

Historic protests rocked Cuba. What came next?

However, as expected, the Cuban Communist government (the only place I did not work) managed to put their own twisted version on this first-year anniversary 

The resounding victory of the Cuban people over the soft coup that was attempted a year ago was celebrated by friends of the Island in several countries…

Latin Grammy Winner Gets 9-Year Prison Sentence. Cuban court sent rapper Maykel Castillo and artist Luis Manuel Otero for contempt, public disorder, and desecrating the nation