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May I share my only Christmas wish this year that most American citizens and the world's free people would hopefully agree with?

There are a few days before your Christmas Eve arrival, so could you please spend your spare time observing the practices of #RNC, #NRA, #GOP, and  #ChristianEvangelicals as an Undercover Boss and expose all the naughty tactics of their Bear-y questionable so-called leadership?

This great nation was once known for doing the right thing and for its compassion. Did #MAGA Republicans turn it upside down?

Look at it as a public service gift,  as Washington, D.C. is broken and dozens of lawmakers say they're leaving Congress.

This reality television series franchise is produced in many countries.  The format features the experiences of senior executives working undercover to investigate and identify how methods can be improved, and punish the madness of culprits.

#MAGARepublicans are reportedly going to try and prevent young Americans from voting, The will throw them off the voting rolls in the months before the election of 2024, and, even if they succeed in voting, challenge their ballot because the signature doesn’t match or for other “technical” issues. It’s time to play Paul Revere. We’ve got to wake the nation the hell up, particularly our country’s young people.”

Called Project 2025, a Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise, it is meant to guide the first 180 days of the presidency for an incoming Republican president. Climate experts and advocates criticized planning that would dismantle US climate policy.

The following is research material for you to read over to better understand the issues.…………

Sorry about the alleged Santa Shortage, where reportedly multiple states are out in the cold With a Lack of St. Nicks.

One Santa impersonator, with a white beard, says he has gotten offers in multiple states to work!