Denying MAGA Deniers

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A good portion of election deniers were denied election victory by intelligent Americans who respect our long-established  rules.

The last group of denied deniers was not only a welcome outcome, but it may finally put a stop on a long list of celebrity wanna be politicians which dates back to Shirley Temple Black, Ronald Reagan, Sonny Bono, Arnold Schwarzenegger and it hopefully stops with Oz, and now Lake.

So will Walker be the very last members of a dying American tribe of poor politicians who will finally live in peace alongside  #USA colonists?

Kevin Costner talks ruling as 'Yellowstone' governor, and real politics: 'I'm disappointed'…

How are USA politics changing and how it affects the average American voter and the discourse?

A brutal rejection of #MAGA election deniers in competitive areas across #USA.

GOVERNOR Kari Lake, AZ Tudor Dixon, MI Doug Mastriano, PA

SEC STATE Mark Finchem, AZ Kristina Karamo, MI Jim Marchant, NV

SENATE Blake Masters, AZ Don Bolduc, NH HOUSE Joe Kent, WA-3 John Gibbs, MI-3

Investigators see ego, not money, as Trump’s motive on classified papers. A review by agents and prosecutors found no discernible business interest in the Mar-a-Lago documents, people familiar with the matter said…

He stole hundreds of The White House Top-Secret, Classified Documents to keep them as a souvenir, a French word meaning s memento, keepsake, or token of remembrance is an object a person acquires for the memories?

This makes me recall the time I assigned a couple of dozen college students to seek out Donald Duck and Daffy Duck cartoons and determine which one The Donald reminds them of.

Trump vs Ducks

Donald Trump
Donald Trump is always angry and screaming because he does not know  
how to always get his point across. He is a hot head and raises his  
voice so everyone can hear HIS point wether or not its the correct  
point. Trump targets other people to make himself look better, example  
Rosie O?Donnell. Trump has even gone as far as to physically assault  
someone at a WWE event (see second link).

Donald Duck
Donald Duck was created in 1934 and his anger back then was seen as  
comical, especially when paired against the calm Mickey Mouse. As time  
as pasted Donald has become even more angry. Donald is often shown  
throwing fits and bouncing around with a red face. With such a temper  
like his its surprising that Daisy has stayed around so long.

Daffy Duff
Daffy Duck is very similar to Donald Duck because 1. they are both  
ducks and 2. they both throw temper tantrums and bounce around waving  
their arms. Daffy has a more audible voice so it is easier to  
understand his anger. Daffy Duck has a short temper but it also very  
comical to the audience. 

The real crazy duck still scheduled to formalize his 2024 candidacy today, even as a London paper reports Murdoch called him personally to withdraw support.

#AgentOrange is bonkers to announce his presidential campaign a week after this bloodbath. He's viewed as a GOP liability as he faces a string of criminal investigations.

Meanwhile, in January, when GOP takes the House, it'll be a food fight of primates. investigate and impeach Biden over J6 "political prisoners", cut off Ukraine aid, and doing nothing. Meanwhile, Senate confirms federal judges.

More than seven years on from the launch of his first stolen election, predicting Russia’s actions remains a fool’s errand.
The Bible reminds us that ‘a just man falls seven times, and rises up again.’ But Trump might heed the caveat in the next phrase, which warns, ‘but the wicked shall fall into mischief.’” Trump’s comeback may finally be his impotent revenge porn.

GOVERNOR @KathyHochul
GOVERNOR @JanetMillsforME
GOVERNOR @GretchenWhitmer

8 Democratic women #USA Governors elected. This is herstoric!

Thanks to one of my better students, EC for this assessment.

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