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Russia and China’s influence and progressively increasing efforts to Influence the U.S. Presidential Election are raising alarms.

China has adopted some of the same misinformation tactics that Russia used ahead of the 2016 election, federal researchers and US government officials claim.

According to published reports, covert Chinese accounts are masquerading online as American supporters of former President Donald J. Trump, promoting conspiracy theories, stoking domestic divisions, and attacking President Biden ahead of the election in November.…

Why strategically target Trump and his Republican Party? The GOP is an insurgent party that has lost all legitimacy as a governing party after the riotous transfer of power as evidenced on Jan. 6. The Republican party can no longer be trusted in the governance of a great democracy such as the United States of America. Trump's attempt to defraud the American voters has resulted in irreparable damage to the electoral system in the United States resulting in 1/3 of the Americans believing the Big Lie to the present day, approximately 85 million Americans. Mitt Romney admitted that Senators were unable to vote to convict the former president in his second impeachment because they were facing direct threats of bodily harm to their families by Trump-inspired thugs.

Communist propaganda' has 'infected the GOP. It should not have to be explained to them what’s at stake, and why Ukraine is in our national security interest. By the way, you don’t like Communist China? Well, guess what? They’re aligned with Russia, along with the Ayatollah. So when you explain it that way, they may start understanding it. And unlike 1939, we want to provide deterrence so that we don’t have to send troops over, and we don’t want Article V invoked. Because the next thing the Russians will do is invade Moldova, Georgia, and then part of the Baltics. Therefore, it’s preventative.

The truth is that Donald Trump undermines faith in our elections. He sparked an insurrection intended to overthrow our government to keep himself out of prison and in power. No president in our history has done worse. We saw it in real-time.

Now SCOTUS has smeared itself with illegitimacy in agreeing to hear arguments for presidential immunity advanced by Trump. This is how far the rot has progressed. This raises questions concerning the status of the cast of characters surrounding Trump, during his tenure as president. Professionals in the hire of the former president have been tainted with incredulity, smeared with the stench of an anti-democracy, and dishonorably discharged from their offices by the American people. Anyone incapable of a full-throated denouncement of their willful association with Trump has not taken responsibility for their error, and the lapse of integrity.

Meanwhile, the humiliation visited on Rona McDaniel, the sanctioning of John Eastman and Kari Lake, Mike Limdell' and Rudy’s judgment as well as the jailing of Peter Navarro, the Trump-flunky, all bring welcome and much-needed accountability.