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We like our morning coffee strong in a generous pour, We also appreciate black coffee and enjoy drinking Cuban style espresso.

Black coffee is a widely consumed beverage around the world. Of course, it also serves as the base for many coffee-based drinks. Although black coffee is low in calories, it contains caffeine and some nutrients. It may even offer a variety of health benefits.

  • Pour-over or drip. Hot water is poured over ground coffee in a paper filter, and brewed coffee drips into the pot below. Most electric countertop coffee pots are pour-over style. You can also purchase hourglass-shaped flasks that use cone-shaped filters.
  • French press. Hot water and ground coffee steep in a pitcher for a few minutes. Then, a plunger is slowly pushed into the pitcher, forcing brewed coffee up while keeping the grounds trapped below. Many people claim this method releases the most flavor.
  • Percolator. Coffee and water are placed in the stove's bottom of a specialized two-chamber pot. As the water boils, it’s forced up through the coffee grinds, and brewed coffee collects in the upper chamber. This method is commonly used for espresso.
  • Coffee pods. Coffee pods can be used in automatic beverage machines like those from Keurig or Nespresso. You can also purchase a reusable coffee pod and fill it with your co for a more eco-friendly option.
  • Instant coffee. Instant coffee refers to coffee crystals that can be mixed into water. It’s made by drying brewed coffee, eliminating the need to remove coffee grounds. While it’s convenient, most people agree that it’s not the tastiest way to enjoy black coffee.
  • Iced. Iced coffee can be made from coffee brewed with any method. The coffee is chilled and typically served over ice.
  • Cold brew. Cold water and ground coffee are left brew in the refrigerator, often overnight. You can strain it using a filter, cheesecloth, or French press. Cold brew coffee generally tastes smoother and is higher in caffeine given the extended brew time

For most healthy individuals, drinking coffee every day without adding milk or sugar is considered harmless. 

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