GOP Tyranny

Submitted by ub on Sun, 06/26/2022 - 08:52
Marching tyrants

The Republican Party's pattern of harsh, cruel, and unfair control over We The People has been evolving in the USA over many years.

They are creating a government in which all power is in the hands of a single ruler. There are ways that the US Constitution protects against tyranny. They are Federalism, Separation of Powers, and Checks and Balances- The division of a state's government into branches, each with separate, independent powers and responsibilities, so that the powers of one branch are not in conflict with those of the other branches. These three are included in the Constitution to protect the United States from becoming another governmental Tyranny.

In July 1862, United States Senator James Asheton Bayard Sr. from Wilmington, Delaware, and a member of the Federalist Party wrote to his son before leaving Washington for the summer recess describing the USA political atmosphere.  “We are living under a petty but ruthless tyranny,” he said, “and God knows what folly this admin and its members are not capable of….It is sad, very sad, to think and feel how low the nation has fallen, and how little reason, knowledge of civil liberty, or high tone sentiment or even humanity of feeling is left.”  He lamented that the American people were “ready for any folly barbarism or brutality those leaders chose to perpetuate.”  The past year-and-a-half had been a brutal stretch for civil liberty in the United States, and Bayard could sense that things would continue to worsen, particularly in his home State of Delaware.  He was correct. and 160 years later little has changed but #POTUS Joe Biden, Democrat from Delaware.

Republican lawmakers don’t appear to care what the majority of voters want; instead, many are singularly concerned with what keeps the GOP base happy.

The Grand Old Party is offering a master class in the tyranny of the minority. Republicans across the nation are enacting policies on issues from restrictions on abortion to voting rights that are opposed by a solid majority of Americans but are supported by the much smaller GOP base.

Elections have consequences in a democratic republic and the citizens must participate and question any and all government action and inaction.

The Democrats will offer a swift kick in the butt. The Republicans want to crush the opposition. If they care about voting rights or getting anything done, Democrats have to hold the House of Representatives, add two seats in the US Senate, and kill the filibuster. 

The logic that, if we get rid of it once The Democrats add Senate seats, the Republicans will do the same when they have a sufficient majority makes no sense. The GOP will do it whether or not Democrats do it first. Playing nice is a losing strategy here. Stop being the political version of Mr. Rogers, POTUS.

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