Greed Inflation

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Are corporate profits driving greed-inflation? There are two commonly-accepted aspects of economics that determine prices.

They are supply and demand. But some say a third factor is companies' pursuit of increased profits in the midst of supply-and-demand chaos stirred by war and pandemic. Correspondent David Pogue talks with former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, and economist Mike Konczal about the legitimacy of corporate avarice.

Robert Reich outlines three ways Democrats can lower gas prices…

As the stock market declines and the Fed hikes rates, recession fears are rising…

Why Global Supply Chains May Never Be the Same

Elon Musk Wealth
2012: $2 billion
2022: $238 billion

Jeff Bezos Wealth
2009: $6.8 billion
2022: $141 billion

Mark Zuckerberg
2009: $2 billion
2022: $63 billion

Bill Gates Wealth
2009: $40 billion
2022: $125 billion

Minimum Wage
2009-2022: $7.25/hr

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