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New York Judge Juan Merchan continues rejecting attempts by Donald Trump to delay his election interference criminal hush money trial 

Jury selection begins in Diaper Don’s home turf on Monday. Merchan’s order denying a motion from Trump’s attorneys to delay the trial due to excessive pretrial publicity. The ruling is hardly a surprise, and the latest in a series of decisions by the courts rejecting Trump’s 11th hour attempts to stop his first criminal trial.

“The remedy that Defendant seeks is an indefinite adjournment. This is not tenable,” Merchan wrote Friday. “The situation Defendant finds himself in now is not new to him and at least in part, of his own doing.”

The lack of self discipline will be on full display at the former guy’s first felony trial. Justice has been slow in coming, but it is going to be sweet when it occurs, and imprisonment is extremely likely according to legal eagles.….

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