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Dawn Powell was an American novelist, playwright, screenwriter, and short story writer. She is now a perpetual NYC neighbor.

Known for her acid-tongued prose, "her relative obscurity was likely due to a general distaste for her harsh satiric tone." Nonetheless, Stella Adler and author Clifford Odets appeared in one of her plays.

The satirist, who died in 1965, was buried in a potter’s field in the Bronx. Now some of her admirers are thinking about how to commemorate her.

Dawn died on November 15, 1965, in New YorkNew York She was 68

Notable Works: “Turn, Magic Wheel”

Her writing was admired by Hemingway. Then her books and body disappeared…

The Triumphs and Tragedies of Dawn Powell, Central Ohio’s Forgotten Literary Genius. Though novelist Dawn Powell was a prolific writer and admired for her sarcastic and satirical musings, she was largely left out of literary history. Now, her most avid readers are clearing a space for her.…