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Putin puppet and American wacko Don’s criminal decisions during COVID, then interfered in the election and committed fraud.

He also concocted the 'big lie' about the 2020 election and, unable to admit losing, incited a riot at the U.S. Capitol. He didn’t want to reveal embarrassing sexual improprieties, so he broke the law in New York at least 34 times, He is a fraud and a liar, just to name a few of his huge assets.

Joe, on the other hand, while a few years older, is not a fraud, a con or a convicted felon, reveres the military, understands the value of global alliances, hires capable advisers, organizes complex legislative deals and exhibits inexhaustible empathy for suffering.

Unfortunately, the former guy has repeatedly denied climate change now the USA is rocked by a number of tornadoes and devastating storms that have left a staggering price tag. Sharks, Al Capone, Hannibal Lector, imaginary visits to a cemetery, denying saying 'Lock her up', Nikki Haley responsible for security on 1/6 - Coincidence, sociopath, liar or dereliction of duty?

As we approach an extreme summer of increasing heat waves with severe weather and hurricanes, FEMA the nation’s disaster relief agency is expected to run out of funds.

So far, this country US has been thrashed with 11 extreme weather disasters with costs exceeding $1 billion this year, with a total price tag of $25.1 billion, according to an updated tally from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

It’s tied for the second-most such disasters on record and doesn’t even include the extreme weather in the second half of May, according to NOAA.