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The nation of Finland joins NATO and warns Putin’s Russian bear to “Keep Your Paws Off” their national sovereign territory.

The Republic of Finland is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. It shares land borders with Sweden to the northwest, Norway to the north, and Russia to the east, with the Gulf of Bothnia to the west and the Gulf of Finland to the south, across from Estonia.

Finland covers an area of 338,455 square kilometers 130,678 sq mi with a population of 5.6 million. Helsinki is the capital and largest city. The vast majority of the population are ethnic FinnsFinnish and Swedish are the official languages, and Swedish is the native language of 5.2% of the population. Finland's climate varies from humid continental in the south to boreal in the north. The land cover is primarily a boreal forest biome, with more than 180,000 recorded lakes.

Finland was first inhabited around 9000 BC after the Last Glacial Period. The Stone Age introduced several different ceramic styles and cultures. The Bronze Age and Iron Age were characterized by contacts with other cultures in Fennoscandia and the Baltic region. From the late 13th century,

Finland became a part of Sweden as a consequence of the Northern Crusades. In 1809, as a result of the Finnish War, Finland became part of the Russian Empire as the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland, during which Finnish art flourished and the idea of independence began to take hold. In 1906, Finland became the first European state to grant universal suffrage, and the first in the world to give all adult citizens the right to run for public office.

After the 1917 Russian Revolution, Finland declared independence from Russia. In 1918, the fledgling state was divided by the Finnish Civil War. During World War II, Finland fought the Soviet Union in the Winter War and the Continuation War, and Nazi Germany in the Lapland War. It subsequently lost parts of its territory but maintained its independence.

Finland has reportedly been a North Atlantic Treaty Organization partner since 1994 through the Partnership for Peace (PfP) program. This partnership helps Finland maintain its policy of military non-alignment while still collaborating with NATO on peacekeeping, crisis management, and security cooperation. 

Finland does not have significant oil reserves or production capabilities & is not a member of #OPEC the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. The country mainly relies on importing oil and other energy resources to meet its domestic needs. Norway has all the oil

Finland shares a 1,340 km approximately 833 miles border with Russia, which is longer than the current borders between NATO member countries and Russia 

Finland is often ranked among the world's happiest countries, according to the World Happiness Report. This is attributed to a strong social support system, excellent education, and a high standard of living. #FinnishHappiness

Finland is home to around 3.3 million saunas, which play a significant role in Finnish culture, promoting relaxation and well-being. With a population of around 5.5 million people, there's a #sauna for nearly every two Finns!