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My Little Town was written by Paul Simon, along with Art Garfunkel and Phil Ramone. Later, I found mine. 

Although the song would not appear on any of the duo's albums until later, it was included on both the solo releases for Simon (Still Crazy After All These Years)… and Garfunkel (Breakaway) in 1975.…

Living and working from this tiny NYC island, I launched

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Welcome to City Island - A Slice of NYC Paradise. This is my little town and the adjacent Pelham Bay Park and Orchard Beach. 

Those who love local eats rejoice: This is home to some of the most textured seafood dishes in a place that often feels like an entirely different city. The New-England-esque neighborhood boasts a selection of antique shops, galleries, and restaurants that line the main street. Locals from every inch of the borough can have a colorful debate on where one should go to eat but my pro tip is to try any pina colada and mussels or clams at any one of the island's many restaurants and watering holes.

Everyone who moves to New York has certain expectations of the city. Mine, I must say, did not include a New England-influenced fishing town on a tiny island in The Bronx — but there you have it. To get from my apartment to this little enclave in Pelham Bay, I take the 4/5 to the 6 to the Bx29 bus for a ride totaling 90 minutes on a good day. But what awaits is a getaway that feels totally removed from the city: a quaint main street with antique stores and galleries, Hennessy piña coladas at Johnny's Reef, crowds (in non-pandemic times) gathering in the sunshine to eat fried seafood on the waterfront, a walking path to Orchard Beach that takes me through grassy marshes populated by turtles and egrets. New York really has everything.

City Island -  A Slice of NYC Paradise,_Bronx………