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US news and information consumers can't see to differentiate between the two. Americans struggle to distinguish factual claims from opinions amid partisan bias.

How well do Americans distinguish statements of fact from statements of opinion? The answer: Not very well at all, according to new research co-written by a team of University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign scholars.

Americans struggle to tell the difference between statements of fact and statements of opinion – a troubling trend that has grave implications for civic discourse and for navigating the torrent of political information that citizens receive every day, said Jeffery J. Mondak, a professor of political science and the James M. Benson Chair in Public Issues and Civic Leadership at Illinois.

Example: Trump fails to secure bond for $454 mln judgment in civil fraud case as asset seizures loom He lied about being rich and not needing anyone’s money, but Trump faces 'insurmountable difficulties' in securing $464M bond in civil fraud case, according to his attorneys. -…

And the lies just keep coming like he h can’t control his big fat mouth.

Why would any Latino support this moron? Donald speaks about immigrants as animals, yet his mother was allegedly an illegal immigrant to the US. Ditto for his first and third wives! Why doesn't the media keep pounding this point home to the American people? Don't listen to this hate talk. Dream big and do not allow your past to define your future.

He also denies cglobal warming, while US Latino communities are experiencing climate change at their doorstep.

Finally, you attend a party and the conversation turns to the latest news. Everyone has a different opinion. People begin raising their voices.

You notice the person beside you isn't talking, they're just watching. They turn to you and make a joke and you immediately relax. You hadn't even realized how tense you were. 

They then ask what you think about the news. When you respond, they're attentive. When they look at you, you feel seen. They ask you another question and another. Before you know it, an hour has passed, and the arguing has died down around you.…