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During any conflict, journalists and news media support services are considered civilians under international humanitarian law.

Facilities and equipment utilized for reporting and disseminating news should also be respected as civilian structures. 

 11th journalist has died in the Israel/Hamas war

They must be protected because we are not the enemy of the people as some would like the public to believe hashtag#NotATarget.

Yet journalists are among the civilians killed, injured, or missing during any and all ongoing conflicts. I have seen it firsthand and witnessed colleagues with whom I had previously shared conversations with late colleagues.

When I covered civil war in Latin America, were not issued helmets or gear that identified us as journalists, so we took it upon ourselves to make sure both sides knew who we were and what we represented.

Enemy of the people and enemy of the nation are designations for political opponents and social-class opponents of the power group, who can be subjected to political repression…