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We are the future

Back in January a few friends and a couple of colleagues began to put our heads together to develop ORGANIZING 123.

This is an outline to offer a Master Class in community organizing. A few kind folks and I began discussing ways to teach this concept and spread it online as a public service through this group of passionate creators, we decided that growing our brand on a global scale was a priority, 

Our community circle invites concepts for courses, live streams, chats, and events, to build the online community of our dreams. All in one place, under our brand.

There isn’t only one way to build a community.  That’s why ORG 123 is reaching out on the world wide web to spaces, and thousands of integrators like you who will empower us to set our community up just how we like it. 

Our mission is to spread Digital Democracy throughout the globe and in multiple languages with the simple message that power belongs to the people who take time to understand their communities and organize its members to work together and create a more just society spreading  the democratic gospel that organizing power and relevancy comes with numbers 

We seek fresh networking ideas and targeted opportunities for our members by offering a set of engagement features users can access anytime, anywhere.

Please, feel free to read the articles and post below or simply send your suggestions, ideas, and recommendations to


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