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POTUS aka President Joe Biden is not too old. He'll be an octogenarian on Election Day and #AgentOange will be nearly one as well.

And the younger choice who can keep a Serial Criminal out of the people’s White House is...

It has been said that 80 is the new 40 and keep this in mind. Could 80 become the new 40? Drugs targeting the mechanisms of illness in the elderly could be here within a decade  https://www.cbc.ca/radio/spark/could-80-become-the-new-40-1.6427495

Also, 80 is different in 2023 than in 1776 – but even back then, a grizzled Franklin led alongside a young Hamilton  https://theconversation.com/80-is-different-in-2023-than-in-1776-but-ev…

So make sure you are registered well informed and make sure you vote for the best candidate who will best represent all Americans! 🇺🇸 

If you smile at us, we will understand because that is something everybody everywhere does In the same language...

Why isn't POTUS smiling? Perhaps because... At home #WeThePeople need to stop counting innocent casualties gunned down in the line of fire 🔥 Instead, let us collectively identify the root cause of these deaths and make changes before we are all shot!

Abroad, forces are working for our demise and unfortunately, with help from inside our ranks.  

The Republicans are determined to 

  • Stop Americans from exercising the rights
  • Red states have MASSIVE crime rates
  • Ban books, not magazines or assault rifles 
  • Cozy up to the Taliban with DISASTROUS outcomes 
  • Create high levels of unemployment throughout the USA
  • Continue allowing the rich to get richer ignoring safeguards
  • The GOP WEAPONIZE the American justice system for Trump
  • 45 Kissed up to the Saudis' hurting our energy independence 


Our Age of Cynicism and Cynicism Over Age Are the Only Things Holding Biden Back