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President Joe Biden may have escaped criminal charges over his alleged mishandling of classified information. But the case has revived concerns about his age, making it a central issue in his re-election campaign. Registered Republican Special Counsel Robert Hur advised against pursuing criminal charges against the president because he was concerned a jury would not believe he willfully held onto classified documents. 

He wrote in his report: "We have also considered that, at trial, Mr Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during our interview of him, as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory." 

The president used a hastily called and chaotic press conference to hit out at claims that his memory is faulty. However many experts consider Donald Trump to be mentally unstable. So how fit are Joe Biden and Donald Trump to be president of the US?


On the other hand, Americans say Thanks to forensic psychiatrist and violence prevention expert Bandy X. Lee for speaking with the media about the dangerous behavior of Trump which continues to worsen. Dr Lee NEVER gave Trump a psychiatric diagnosis per the ethics of her profession. THIS IS ABOUT CHRONIC DANGEROUS PUBLICLY OBSERVABLE BEHAVIOR AND PSYCHOEDUCATION, NOT ABOUT DIAGNOSIS!!! 

Dr. Lee continues to warn the public based on Trump's publicly observable behavior, and she has an ethical, moral, and professional "duty to warn" the public per the California Tarasoff case about an individual who could harm them if he was in a position of leadership and power.

Dr Lee is a public mental health forensic psychiatrist and continues to provide psychoeducation to the American public about how they have been radicalized and brainwashed by Trump's repetitious lies and delusional behavior for many years. 

"No president in the history of the United States has inspired more alarm and confusion than Donald Trump. As questions and concerns about his decisions, behavior, and qualifications for office have multiplied, they point to one primary question: Does he pose a genuine threat to our country? The American Psychiatric Association's Goldwater Rule constrains psychiatrists from offering diagnoses on public figures who are not patients and who have not endorsed such statements. But in Trump on the Couch Clinical Professor of Psychiatry Justin A Frank invokes the moral responsibility that compels him to speak out and present a full portrait of a man who presents us with a clear and present danger."

There is no comparison between President Biden and Trump when it comes to the mental capacity to do a difficult job. Trump's proven record of verbal aggressiveness and incitement of violence is voluminous while President Biden has tried to bring America together instead of polarizing it and tearing it apart.

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