Putin On The Hot Seat

Is Russian Communist little dictator Vladimir Putin at the end of his reign of terror because he is gravely ill and very close to dying?

The world press, bolstered by a series of diagnosticians, certainly appears to be the case. Since his 2/24/22 invasion of Ukraine, the 69 aging Russian and his military continues deteriorating in health and it has been a subject of frenzied speculation.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin is very ill with blood cancer says top oligarch caught in secret recording' mirror.co.uk/news/world-new…

Is Vladimir Putin sick?

Footage of Russian president coughing under a blanket renews concerns over health 


Bloated Vladimir Putin video heightens theories Russian leader is sick


Is Vladimir Putin sick? The speculation around the Russian president’s health

In recent videos and photographs, the Russian strongman appears frail and fidgety with tremors in his hand. This has once again stoked rumours that he is possibly suffering from Parkinson's Disease 


The whole world is progressively growing sick of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and this tiny dictator appears to be shrinking and deteriorating on the global stage, physically and politically..