Are Republican Liars and Criers?

Submitted by ub on Thu, 07/22/2021 - 09:00

The GOP weeks ago initially rejected a bi-partisan commission to investigate the US Capitol insurrection and get to just the facts.

The Republicans had the opportunity for a bipartisan commission but the Senate said no and the House members are whining about the Democrat House Speaker rejecting two out of five recommendations because they may be key investigation witnesses. The GOP is hell-bent on promoting a complete distortion of facts.

They are supporting a lost cause by attempting to overrule the will of the people and the outcome of an election that has been challenged in and out of the judicial system. 

Think about it, why would Nancy Pelosi allow two GOP Congressmen who will probably be defendants to take part in their own investigations? If you think the absence of the two Jims will make the January 6 Select Committee less credible you may have missed his words, comments, and previous outbursts. The US Speak of The House of Representatives objected to two of the five Republicans. One of them will probably be a material witness to events that led to the sedition and the other Jungle Jim disqualified himself by his previous comments.

Minority Leader and a national crybaby Kevin McCarthy refuses to play ball on the Capitol riot committee after two of his picks are just not acceptable. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s statement above explains her final decision.

Liar and crier McCarthy says he will run his own investigation, which some say is like OJ vowing to find the real killer.

All registered voters need to stand up against Republican efforts to undermine democracy and get Americans killed for partisan advantage. Texas, IowaFloridaMontanaArizonaNorth DakotaTennessee  Arkansas, and South Carolina will be blue in 2022.