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Jack, a school classmate and a good buddy reminded me of visiting a Greenwich Village club to see The Youngbloods years ago.… Together

The late Richie Havens was the warm-up act, but the headliners never made it on stage. Another group subbed for them and they were dynamite. Sly Stone was an unexpected musical genius from my vantage point and for many fans of spiritual freedom that isn’t dualistic, split-brained, one thing in opposition to another. They wound up performing at WOODSTOCK 

To the binary American eye, certainly, he soared and then he smashed. Sly Stone reportedly held the ’60s in the palm of his hand. He had the plumage and vibration of Jimi Hendrix and the melodic instinct of Paul McCartney. His music married ballooning hippie consciousness to the tautest and worldliest and most street-facing funk: Its end product, its neurochemical payload, was an amazing, paradoxically wised-up euphoria. A rapture petaled with knowingness, with style

Live, he could bend time to his will like James Brown. His band Sly and the Family Stone—polyracial, poly-gendered, poly-freaking-phonic was a crucible of joy, a crucible of possibility, an experiment that took on the character of proof: People could live together. America could work. Love and justice were real. For about a minute. I can’t imagine my life without Sly Stone.

Cornel West says in the 2017 documentary On the Sly: In Search of the Family Stone. “Sly created a piece of music that became a place where we could go to have a foretaste of that freedom, of that democratic experience. Even though we couldn’t live it on the ground.

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