SNL Saturday Night Lunacy

NBC Saturday Night Live has been on the air since 1975 as a popular comedy and is now celebrating 47 seasons of successful TV.

Live from New York it has been @nbcsnl for more than four decades. Celebrity hosts join an award-winning ensemble cast to perform comedic sketches, satirical news and digital shorts, alongside popular musical acts.


The program has been capturing the pop-culture zeitgeist, with the show's sketches and segments often go viral the very next day. 

I recall one show early in my Media career, while I was working as a young producer at News4NewYork. The late and great Reggie Harris and I had been out on the field covering news and we were shocked upon returning to the WNBC newsroom that it was being used as the background for an ABC News NIGHtTLINE parody called Buckwheat is dead.

You may want to take a look at the top right hand corner of the screen and you will see me. I had no idea I was live on the network until I received a phone call from one of my producer colleagues, Alice Bell, who was then married to NBC weatherman #AlRoker, the Emmy award-winning weatherman and popular anchor for NBC News’ “Today” show, She told me I had walked in on a live show and I looked up to trust, but verify.