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Now, that’s electronic entertainment. The best Films and TV Shows of all time, according to rankings and ratings.

Anyone who loves the electronic arts today has a wide variety of movies and television shows to watch or stream at his or her disposal and in the privacy of their own home.

Over the last decades, major motion pictures and television programs went from being seen as a detriment to intellectualism to becoming a new kind of literacy, at least in terms of the amount of time very smart people now spend watching screens.

Just as literary classics can spend years on people's lists without them ever actually reading the literature, major motion pictures and television have become simultaneously treasured and laborious to the average viewer who used to just unwind after work in front of the Boob tube.

Therefore, let’s consider the top of the heap, according to researchers. Can you name 25 films and 25 television? OKAY time is up here they are for your entertainment. Feel free to add a few if it comes to you after reviewing this list.

We will have responses like... Seriously?" That's the thing about "number one" spots though — it's personal. No, of course, it's not "the best" movie, and you're utterly missing the point if that's your takeaway. The point is that "the best," the number one spot, the very best, has to be personal. It's not "your" favorite. We can make the case that one should be over another, but it's ultimately our personal taste, experiences, prejudices, and intellect that leads to "the best" movie for US. Read to the end and you will see the entire list of the best 50.

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