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This alternate haunting of Capitol Hill is about strange insomniac inheriting millions, losing them, and grifting lots more.

He and his buddy Vlad decided that he should participate in an election and those who voted for him were duped into thinking he was a great businessman and possibly an even better leader but they quickly got a reality check.

Nevertheless following probes into his illegal actions investigators are intending to expose his multiple acts of criminality and terror.

So far he has been impeached twice, indicted, and found guilty of sexual abuse, among other assorted offenses. Stay tuned, there’s more to come.

Meanwhile, Russia is trying to help Trump again to win the 2024 election. This time, with Saudi Arabia.…

Donald Trump is very likely to be the Republican nominee and receive their help once again.

Vladimir Putin has signaled support for Donald Trump with new sanctions targeting Trump’s critics. Putin’s likely subsequent influence on the MAGA base is analyzed by former CIA director John Brennan who tells Joy Reid, "I find it hard to believe in this day and age, particularly after the bloody assault and plundering of Ukraine, that any American would look favorably upon Vladimir Putin[.]” » Subscribe to MSNBC: