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Yoda's lesson on failure in "The Last Jedi" resonates deeply with many fans and leaves a lasting impact on the Star Wars franchise.

The scene encapsulated a crucial aspect of Jedi philosophy and added layers of complexity to the master-apprentice relationship, which has been a central theme throughout Star Wars.

The notion of learning from failure has become a significant motif in newer Star Wars projects, contributing to the evolution of the franchise's storytelling. By exploring the consequences of failure and the importance of resilience and growth, the franchise has been able to delve into deeper thematic territory while keeping the narrative fresh and engaging.

Yoda's lesson on failure was the best scene in The Last Jedi, and its message of learning from failure has shaped the entire Star Wars franchise ever since.…

Moreover, "The Last Jedi" not only influenced projects set in the sequel trilogy era but also had a ripple effect on stories set in different periods within the Star Wars universe. Whether through overt references or more subtle thematic parallels, the film's message continues to resonate and inspire new creative directions for the franchise.

Ultimately, Yoda's lesson on failure serves as a cornerstone of Star Wars storytelling, enriching the universe with its profound insights into character development, moral complexity, and the enduring struggle between light and dark.

Utilizing failure allows characters to look inward and reflect on their journeys, which creates special, emotionally charged moments like Ahsoka's memories of Anakin during the Clone Wars. It's a way to blend the history with its latest chapters, and Star Wars has massively benefited from focusing on the theme of failure. The fact that new projects are leaning into it so heavily is an extremely positive sign for the future of the franchise, and it's all thanks to - The Last Jedi.