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POTUS said  “Of course, the 2024 election’s in full swing and, yes, age is an issue: I’m a grown man running against a 6-year-old,”

President Joe Biden called out and pegged little Donnie describing the former guy just right and to the T. If something is "to the T," it means that it is the perfect fit.  

POTUS Joe Biden will make him look weak and small at the debate by deliberately provoking him to give Trump’s supporters a glimpse of how the rest of the world sees him

Or is he afraid his fans to see that Biden is not sleepy Joe with soup for a brain he is a real Zombie with the soup belly?

Any #MAGA Trump Republicans who support a 6-year-old walking around holding a bomb might scare you because everybody knows he’s deranged, weak, pathetic, and stupid and nobody likes a loser so he is mocked and humiliated all the time. Most normal people think he’s an idiot, and that includes many former cabinet members.

If Donnie gets over his fears, President Joe Biden and Donald Trump will meet on stage in Atlanta for the first of two presidential debates ahead of the November 2024 election. While their performance in the televised debates could influence the outcome, it wouldn’t be the first time in history that a presidential debate moved the needle in a close race.

When Trump loses, there will be no violence or stock market crashes.  He will be rejected as the blight that he was on America and this great nation will be a kinder more diverse and compassionate country.

As we approach July 4, let’s look back to the origins of our national holiday with a long look at the US Constitution and other founding documents that transformed America from a collection of colonial subjects to an independent nation and the greater democracy on earth.

Finally… According to KO’s Countdown, Trump and his henchmen opened not one but two emergency exits for him to bail out of Thursday's debate against The President and blame it on Biden. And in doing so, his dumbest press secretary yet went on CNN and called Adolf Hitler "HILTER." H-I-L-T-E-R, Hilter.
I don't know if she should be fired for invoking Hitler, or if she WILL be fired for getting the name of Trump's role model wrong.

It's Karoline Leavitt, the former centerfielder of the St. Anselm College softball team and the idiot who previously insisted the word 'damning' is correctly pronounced 'dammaning,' tried to filibuster CNN's Katie Hunt about how biased debate hosts Jake Tapper and Dana Bash really are. As Hunt cut first the answer and then the interview off, Leavitt insisted anybody could spend five minutes googling how many times Tapper had compared Trump to "Adolf Hilter." Bypassing the whole Hitler/Hilter stuff, "Damaning Hilter" Leavitt adopted the traditional pose of the Martyred Trump Huckster and did the rounds of the fascist media outlets. When she went on Steve Bannon’s outlet he said either CNN apologizes to her, or Trump should cancel the debate.

Hours later, Trump opened a second emergency chute, again demanding drug tests before the debate, as his personal quack Congressman Physician Prescribe Thyself Ronny Jackson wrote a long letter to the White House requesting such tests (and saying nothing about any stashes he may have left there).
Who knows if Trump really will bail. But he's got FOLAD (Fear Of Losing A Debate) all covered.…