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The former guy’ wants a new nickname for himself and it really has most folks laughing at him straight to his face.

Do you remember when he was almost laughed off the podium and out of the United Nations General Assembly?

This is now online and in social media circles.where people have a long memory of the ten of thousands of lies he has told and causing the COVID deaths his lies are allegedly responsible for. He is well known for having a short one and his nose becomes longer whenever he is lying, which is always. Or what about old fat boy?

Donald Trump's New Nickname For Himself Has People Howling…

We suggest his name should really be HORNY DON or RAPIST DON or HORNY DON with everyone besides his wife who apparently wants little or nothing to do with him.

Meanwhile, why did CNBC make the poor choice to welcome Trump onto its airwaves for an extended live telephone chat, in which the business news network allowed the rapist, twice-impeached, four-time indicted, insurrection-inciting former president a safe harbor to make a number of outrageous and false comments without scrutiny?