Women's HERSTORY Month

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Happy Women's Herstory Month to all the ladies on earth and elsewhere, in case there are also intelligent beings on other planets.

March is many things a month when we set back our clocks, a month when we celebrate the return of Spring, a month when we consistently find ourselves over or underdressed for the weather, no matter what the actual temperature is but it is also Women’s History Month!

This is the month where we revel in learning about all manner of female history-makers, from the big names to the unsung heroes. It's also a time when we focus on learning more about the female perspective on big movements in human history.

There Are Too Many Unacknowledged Women to Name Who Made History

Here are three Super moms and three Tiger Moms. All six are making a real difference. 

When it comes to just the facts, women like them shun exclusion, silence, absence, and bias.
My late mom, Margarita, my daughters Natasha and Sabrina, as well as Tiger moms like my love Yirong, Dena, and Yao, are making a real mark in society with young women like Olivia, Sophia, Chloe, Elena, and young men like Parker, Matty, Kevin, and Yiliang, but history books have yet to note it.
I wish I could find the best words to express that they are all very special women.
Caring is who they are and they do it extremely well.
I know their spirit has touched my life and others too.
In fact, much more time than I can say to all of you.
Thanks, and please accept my sincere admiration.

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