The Proud Cardinal

Submitted by ub on Thu, 06/10/2021 - 09:15

Mi Padre was a baseball fanatic. He named two of his sons after baseball greats and knew a lot about America's favorite past-time.

The St Louis Cardinals were one of his favorite steams. The club was started by the American Association in 1882 as the St. Louis Brown Stockings, who got their name from an earlier National League team. They had another name besides The Cardinals, also the St. Louis Perfectos.

Antonio J Soto I was also a saint and while on the subject, Catholics celebrate the feast of Anthony or Antony of Padua born Fernando Martins de Bulhões he was a Portuguese Catholic priest and friar of the Franciscan Order. He was born and raised by a wealthy family in LisbonPortugal, and died in PaduaItaly. Noted by his contemporaries for his powerful preaching, expert knowledge of scripture, and undying love and devotion to the poor and the sick, he was one of the most quickly canonized saints in church history. He was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church on 16 January 1946. He is also the patron saint of lost things.

My dad was named after him just like my grandfather AJSoto. I once had the personal pleasure of getting press passes for us to a St. Louis Cardinals vs Miami Marlins game in Soth Florida. and my DaD was absolutely delighted.

To add to my father's ballpark excitement, CD Jaco, who is from St. Louis and therefore another Cardinals fan. as well as an old friend and #NBCNews colleague was there with Cable News Network and decided to interview AJSoto, II who was the greatest, and most knowledgeable Cardinals fan he had ever encountered.

I should have warned #CNN because years earlier, my father came to visit me in the #NBC newsroom and I introduced him to Marvin Philip Aufrichtig, the American sportscaster, aka Marv Albert, who went on to be known as the long-time voice of Turner Sports. Marv quickly realized that my father knew more about baseball than anyone he had ever met. Albert is retiring at the season’s end after 50+ years in sports, but not because he was stumped by my dad’s amazing knowledge of baseball.

Just in time for Fathers Day, I love and miss you, Papi. My late brother and Vietnam Veteran AJSoto III, his son AJSotoIV and great-grandson AJSOTOV continue to carry the AJSoto name and love of baseball, which has been very very good to all of us.