A State of Confusion

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Boldly visit or hardly live there as the current situation develops the speed in which the Sunshine State is heading has one way to go.

Florida breaks new #COVID hospitalization record. But instead of fighting the pandemic, No MoRon De Santis is putting obstacles to the use of face masks, and mock8ng science. Shouldn't he be asked to resign before more more people die?

There was a time when folks would flock to The Sunshine State, and still, today if you talk to State Tourism officials, you already know what they're going to say. Come and visit. Everything's fine. However, it is not. Florida had now broken the record with more than 21,000 new #COVID cases.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues insisting the state will not shut down despite a record-breaking influx of #COVID cases and hospitalizations, making the Sunshine State the nation's new virus epicenter. His latest version of delusion is blaming the #Covid spike in Florida on migrants crossing the Mexican border. Take one look at the map Mo-Ron.

However, we spoke with homeowners and local taxpayers who say they are fed up with their state government officials’ lack of concern for their well-being and their questionable quality of life. Florida now has more than 1 in 5 of all new COVID-19 cases in the country. But Governor Ron DeSantis is doubling down on mixed messages promoting vaccinations but opposing mask mandates.

The head of Florida’s largest hospital association warned that the skyrocketing number of Covid hospitalizations is unlike anything the state has seen before — even as Gov. Ron DeSantis downplays the spike. Florida Covid hospitalizations shatter record as DeSantis downplays threat  https://www.politico.com/states/florida/story/2021/08/02/florida-covid-…

#CityImages reached out to some Floridians for their point of view. One said " Overall, I’ve enjoyed a lot of things about living in Florida.  There’s a lot to do, good food, and the coastlines are pretty.  My wife and I came down here 10 years ago to be close to her father.  He’s going to be 100 years old next month.  So the Florida lifestyle definitely agrees with him, and with a lot of older people too.  But with the heat and the hurricanes (both probably getting worse due to climate change), I’ll be glad to move to a cooler, cheaper place someday." another believes that Floridians deserve more than Mo Ron Don adding "It's driving some of us to leave the state" like him and his wife, who moves there to be with their daughter. Another said " I’m retired; no serious thinking allowed. You might wish to ask my former roomie" then this one “ Florida Power claims to have low rates, but we have to run our air conditioning throughout the year, so the electric bills can still be high.  Water too.  In Georgia, our water bills used to be, like, $10 per month.  Here I was shocked when I got a $300 water bill.  Again, it’s partly the usage – we use more water in Florida to water our lawns, otherwise, they can get very brown.  But it all adds up.” Finally, "Florida is a haven for those looking to get away from states that impose an income tax.  Florida homestead laws also protect the super filthy rich, as their mega-mansions are exempt from creditor's claims - do some research on these two subject areas and it'll surprise you how many millionaires and billionaires make Florida their domicile" -And so it goes.

Nearly the entire state of Florida is now under a high level of COVID-19 transmission, according to CDC https://buff.ly/3eLewZw

Florida’s attorney general, Ashley Moody, has contracted the coronavirus four days after flying to Texas with Gov. Ron DeSantis for a trip to the U.S.-Mexico border: “I want to encourage Floridians to be vigilant about their health.” https://trib.al/mhZMN9k

To add insult to injury Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appears to be facing a potential new crisis as he readies his 2022 reelection: thousands of tons of dead fish. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/07/22/desantis-has-a-dead-fish-probl…;

Children shouldn't be 'muzzled' by face masks in schools, Florida's governor says https://bit.ly/3zo3gKH

Don’t get me wrong, I lived in Miami as a young man and later returned to go to college, get married and my beautiful daughters were both born there. Many family members still live there to this date, including a top jurist and the Miami mayor.

Miami-Dade expanding hours at its Tropical Park #COVID testing operation. Now open 7A to 6P Look for more lanes and staff as higher demand from the spike, plus more people leaving town and needing negative test results. 

On the other hand, Miami-Dade County in June saw the highest number of residential sales in a single month in nearly 30 years — a clear indicator of the increasing demand for South Florida living. https://amp.miamiherald.com/news/business/real-estate-news/article25296…

This USA map has detailed data from all countiesrepresenting 90 percent of all votes cast. It was last updated on March 30. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/upshot/2020-election-map.html?…