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Serious concerns are mounting over claims of retaliation after firings at US student run media outlets. These recent shakeups at two newspapers have prompted charges of censorship for unfavorable coverage of university administrators.

At Virginia Tech, The Collegiate Times fired its student editor as she was working on an article about finances. Firing, finances roil Collegiate Times' parent company at Virginia Tech…

At Northern Michigan University, the campus newspaper board voted to fire its faculty adviser and deny its top leadership spot to the paper’s managing editor, who was the sole applicant. Northern's student newspaper adviser ousted

The Society of Professional Journalists released the following statement. “Colleges and universities that are fortunate enough to have student newspapers should give advisers the freedom to teach students about good, ethical journalism without fear of retribution if something less than positive is published about the institution.” SPJ Calls for reinstatement of N. Michigan University student newspaper adviser Society of Professional Journalists