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To Amal Alamuddin aka Mrs. George Clooney. He was once considered to be the most eligible bachelor on the planet, but he is now half of your team.

Anyone else who ties the knot with their girlfriends, or fiancees. Take it from this veteran spouse, who recently celebrated one year of another marriage, after "Living in Sin" for 10 years, as the some religious or conservative folks, including my late aunt would call it.

Please know the most difficult task of being a newlywed is transitioning from that blissful bubble of your wedding and the honeymoon to the realization that life does return to normal.

Upon your return, you may find your houseplants died while you were on your honeymoon. Or in Yirong Chen and Roberto Soto's case, our plans changed as we sadly experienced the deathwatch of my dad's "Little" sister, our beloved aunt Chiquitica.

Please know that everyday life has to continue. If it doesn’t, you’ll run out of money in either a few weeks, or months, or in several thousand lifetimes from now for wealthy newlyweds like Mr. and Mrs. Clooney. The important thing is that you’re married and you will continue to show your love, respect, mutual admiration for one another and constant communication, regardless of the languages spoken.

Here are some of my favorite last bits of advice. A happy wife makes a happy life. Do not argue with your clothes on. If you are about to fight go somewhere private and get naked. You'll probably forget the petty thing you were going to be fighting about and if you're still fighting nude, then it's a serious issue you should talk through ASAP.

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