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Affordable Healthcare is so needed, wanted, desired ...

A website to handle the load of everyone who wants healthcare is difficult to imagine.

If I live in NYC lets say and everyone flushed their toilet at the same time things might not go so smoothly. In a single 50 story building people on lower floors would not be happy. There is no infrastructure could handle the load. In reality there are vents in the toilet lines that would blow sewage out of the side of the buildings. Yuk.

For sure the US government was using the most scalable infrastructure on the planet, Amazon Web Services. Standard fare on AWS is a Load Balanced System where servers are added to distribute unusual loading situations like this. There has never been a greater demand for ANY product that could start being met by an online system.

We are not talking about a system that handles selling all the tickets for a concert that become available on a certain date.

Peoples lives are at stake here.

The 3,000 people who died on 9/11 MAY be insignificant to the number of people whose lives are at stake.

On top of this the GOP is most definitely mounting DDOS attacks against so they can throw darts.

There are probably Cyber experts in a room somewhere that are monitoring for DOS attacks and configuring routers to ignore the traffic from these attacking computers that are attempting to ad to the system traffic.

I don't get it. The press assumes that nothing is going wrong. Don't be so quick to throw stones.

The government would never acknowledge it. This is actually might be traceable if the FBI were not shut down. The whole speed of the internet on Oct 1 would have been affected by a demand this large.