Submitted by ub on Wed, 10/19/2011 - 18:00

Did you know the Bronx River connects communities from Wakefield to Soundview and that African - Americans have lived along it since the 1600s? Were you aware that 20th Century greats like Madame C. J. Walker (hair products mogul), Miles Davis (jazz artist) and Ralph Bunche (Nobel Peace Prize winner) are buried in the same borough as the birth of Hip Hop - the Bronx?

Would you like to see and hear portraits of Mid-Bronx leaders who rebuilt whole communities including homes, parks and businesses? Did you know that an African-American created the Urban Park Rangers program? Would you like to see vintage images of early Bronx environmentalists?

Enjoy a FREE public talk with over 100 Power Point images covering over 300 years of local lore in just two hours. Hear about local luminaries, landmarks and events that bring the past to life in places you'll never see the same again. See you there!

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