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If you're taking steps to ensure that you stay in good health and are able to enjoy your later years. then good for you. Eating, exercising, regular checkups from a doctor are all necessary. But it also makes sense to have some contingency plans for the bumps along the road which most certainly will come along.

Adapt your home. Your stairs, bath, and kitchen can present hazards for some people. Even if you don't need to make changes now, do an annual safety review so you can make necessary updates if those needs arise.

Prevent falls. Falls are a big deal for older people. Do not allow anyone to push, or shove you. These actions often result in fractures that can lead to disability, compound health problems, and death. Safety precautions are important, but so are exercises that can improve our balance and strength.

Consider your housing options. You might consider investigating naturally occurring retirement communities. These neighborhoods and housing complexes aren't developed specifically to serve seniors and, in fact, tend to host a mix of ages - but because they have plenty of coordinated care and support available, they are senior-friendly.

Think ahead about how to get the help you may need. Meal preparation, transportation, home repair, housecleaning, and help with financial tasks such as paying bills might be hired out if you can afford it, or shared among friends and family. Elder services offered in your community might be another option.

Plan for emergencies. Who would you call in an emergency? Is there someone who can check in on you regularly? What would you do if you fell and couldn't reach the phone? Keep emergency numbers near each phone or on speed dial. Carry a cellphone preferably with large buttons and a bright screen, or consider investing in some type of personal alarm system.

Writing advance care directives, such as a living will, durable power of attorney for health care, or health care proxy, allow you to explain the type of medical care you want if you're too sick, confused, or injured to voice your wishes. Every adult should have these documents.

Also, keep learning, stay close to your friends and family, get plenty of sleep and STOP Sinning:
Don't smoke, and drink less. No more than one drink a day for women, two for men. AGING IS...

“The land of easy mathematics where he who works adds up and he who retires subtracts.”
― Núria Añó: Catalan author and novelist. Her writing focuses on the characters' psychology. Frequently, the core of her stories remains unexplained. Añó asks the reader to discover the "deeper meaning" and to become involved actively in the events presented.