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Now that it is larger than Facebook, Amazon and IBM, will Ali Baba's owner take his millions and gallop into the sunset? Jack Ma, which means horse in Chinese saw his IPO increase by coincidentally 40 percent in a mammoth offering, where investors are apparently betting on unlimited e-commerce growth.

Please keep in mind that Ali Baba, aka علي بابا‎ was a character from the folk tale with his Forty Thieves علي بابا والأربعون لصا. This This story is included in many versions of the One Thousand and One Nights. Alibaba And 40 Thieves:

Ali Baba was said to have been a poor woodcutter who found the secret of a thieves' den, then entered with the phrase "Open Sesame". The thieves learn this, and try to kill Ali Baba. But Ali Baba's faithful slave-girl foils their plots; Ali Baba gives his son to her in marriage and keeps the secret treasure.

Happily Ever After - Alibaba and the 40 thieves: via @YouTube

BBC News - Alibaba shares surge in their NY stock market debut

Via @nprnews: Alibaba Shares Surge On First Day Of Trading

Will everyone live happily ever after? Only time will tell and what will their investments turn into?