All I Want For Christmas

Submitted by ub on Mon, 12/24/2018 - 00:29

All I want for Christmas is joy to the world and peace towards all people on earth, instead we have lone wolf politicians to care for no one but themselves and not follow established rules or norms.

As we see it, there’s too much acting and very little reacting on the part of US government officials who are getting paid to serve the people. The #USA now has an acting secretary of defense, an acting attorney-general, no UN Ambassador, no Secretary. Of Interior, an acting EPA administrator, an acting Chief of Staff, and the list continues, but the handwritting is on a wall which although it does not exist, has managed to cause a federal governmenbt shutdown.

Welcome to the ghost of Christmas meltdown. Details... #DONews

Meanwhile, we are increasingly being exposed to many catastrophic global events, including rogue government leaders who make ill conceived decisions, facilitate devastating wars, children’s being held inside interment camps while officials turn their backs on growing problems while promoting division and hate.

It’s nature’s way of telling all of us there are many things wrong and no one seems to care, or show interest in making any adjustments which may eventually lead to improvements. Instead th e motto is everyone for themselves and the hell with humanity.

Alexa, Siri, is there any person, or artificial intelligence who is capable of making sense of the madness amongst?

America’s support of Saudi Arabia in their war on Yemen and the Syria withdrawal are seen as Christmas to rogue nations. #Trump forceing the last qualified adult out of The Pentagon after claiming ISIS has been defeated is just one of the mounting worldwide problems.

Backpackers killed in Morocco by 'Isis terrorists' with one filmed being beheaded…