All Talk No Action

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Let's talk about guns. While dozens of uniformed officers marched into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, just one aspect of the heavy security as classes resumed for the first time since 17 students and teachers were killed by a troubled teenager with an AR-15, thrusting them into the center of the nation’s gun debate. @POTUS placates lawmakers at the @WhiteHouse to talk about gun laws following the Parkland, Florida Valentines Day massacre.

GOP Congressional leaders rejected calls for tighter gun restrictions despite an in-person pitch from Florida high school students leading a newly energized gun control movement. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, from Wisconsin, wants to focus on law enforcement failures, not tighter gun control, citing inaction by a deputy stationed outside the school and tips called into federal and local law enforcement officials about the alleged shooter. He says it is time to arm teachers but not at the federal level, but others dismissed raising the legal age for purchasing semiautomatic guns, from 18 to 21. No talks about banning automatic assault rifles.

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