Alternative Facts?

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“Alternative facts”: 1 in 5 American newspapers ignored the Women’s March

Communism, capitalism, change and chaos all begin with C but they communicate different messages.

What does this have to do with alternative facts? Well, it is absurd that elected officials and their spokespersons insist on presenting unsubstantiated information as alternative facts when it is false government propaganda. Donald Trump rose to power on alternative facts, some of the most malignant in US history. Although he lost the popular vote, he was victorious with the count of US Electoral College.

It's not uncommon throughout history for governments to do what they can to control the message. Is that done in a benign way because they're trying to get more information to the public, or is it done with hidden motivations making sure one message is seen in the best light? As President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence’s first official week in office begins, we will just have to wait and see what develops. However, after a few days, we hear alternative fact that reality is whatever they say it is.

In the meantime, it suffices to say that the press reports the news, and editorials are the platform to share views. While many dictatorships began by attacking the media, not acknowledging the truth, and suppressing opposing points of view. These are all contrary to an independent press, which is crucial to any democracy. Please note that Afghanistan, Belarus, China, Cuba. North Korea, Russia are among nations that have a monopoly spewing government propaganda.

While I was teaching journalism in Indiana, then governor Mike Pence's who was considering a run for the White House gained attention for his efforts to establish a state-run news service alternative. He lost support for the idea but is apparently still interested.

However, another one of my previous employers, The Voice of America is a US government-run media which already exists within our federal government. VOA is funded with our tax dollars and VOA was only allowed to broadcast outside the USA, but that is no longer the case.

No one should be surprised The Trump-Pence administration is moving to outflank independent media. Trump's successful social media campaign as a political candidate and the expansive new, in-house operation to discredit independent media are aimed at bypassing news outlets and directly reach the public to circumvent the press.

This alternative information will be available ahead of any other news outlet and exclusive coverage should be an issue for grave concern. So is the administration's decision to turn news conferences into infomercials so they do not have to answer difficult questions.

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