Amazing Jukebox

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Amazing Jukebox

This a Jukebox; but it is no ordinary jukebox. It will play all of
your favorite songs from 1950 through 1980. Each year has a scroll or drop down box that shows all the great songs for that year. Most years have over 40 songs. There is even a section at the bottom that allows you to listen to show tunes, TV show themes, Doo Wop and several others. This is pretty neat....and it is free. Read the rest of this and then click on the site at the bottom.

Once you click on a song it will play and when it finishes it automatically plays the next song in the list and continues until it has played all the songs.

It has a volume control which you should use in conjunction with your computers volume control.

One of the best features is that it will play in the background. That means you can be doing other computer work on a different screen.

Pick and play any popular song from 1950 through 1980, or go to the specialty areas. You can't miss them. They are listed in very bright colors.

Playa Cofi Jukebox - Our Musical Heritage