American Dream or Nightmare?

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Disaster experts have long tried to define and understand the characteristics of a people who are capable of rebuilding their lives and improving their communities after a major storm, fire, and now a political earthquake.

Will there be more deaths and increased devastation as a result of a government that has failed some of US?

There was a time when this great nation welcomed all foreigners seeking a better life. But unfortunately, the lack of progress we have seen so far and most recently the DACA termination doesn't appear to be isolated acts. Is it an anti-immigrant camp pain undermining The United States of America's highest ideals of equality?

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals effects 800,000 undocumented immigrants who were brought to the US as children are now in the program that protects them from deportation and lets them temporarily stay in the US to serve in the military, work or study. Obama put it in place bypassing Congress with an executive order.…

It disproportionately impacts Hispanics, which make up the overwhelming majority of DACA recipients who came from Latin America. This is just one of the ways that Latinos in our country face discrimination, in addition to lacking equal access to health, education, and other crucial services. California educational leaders vow to protect immigrant students from deportation…

The fundamental question is has the American Dream been deferred, or is it turning into a nightmare? The children of undocumented immigrants are “unlawfully present” here in America, according to the Trump administration which has rescinded the Obama-era program that gave a measure of amnesty to hundreds of thousands of people. Now comes to the lawsuits. 15 states, D.C. sue to stop Trump DACA decision

President Trump Moves to End DACA and Calls on Congress to Act

As Trump prepares to end DACA, a look back at the program's origins:…

For “Dreamers,” dismay and anger. Among 'Dreamers,' dismay and anger over Trump's decision: 'He just rips it all away'…

How the feds plan to implement the new policy. Memorandum on Rescission Of DACA | Homeland Security

A glaring legal flaw in what the Trump team just did. The Legal Flaw With Ditching DACA

Does anyone really believe a do nothing group can solve this immigration problem? Analysis | Trump just handed the fate of 'dreamers' over to an extraordinarily dysfunctional Congress

Even American citizens can be detained. ICE Wrongly Imprisoned an American Citizen for 1,273 Days. Judges Say He’s Owed $0.

The counter-facts and OPINIONS

No, Trump does not lack authority to protect ‘dreamers’

No, Sessions was wrong to portray this as a public safety issue. The DREAMer Incarceration Rate…

No, the administration is wrong to say DACA generated a flood of illegal migration. Jeff Sessions spews nativist lies while explaining why Trump is killing DACA:…

No, it’s not just about Mexicans. Keeping Central American Kids Out, Continuing the Violence…

No, rescinding DACA won’t be good for the economy. The Very Bad Economics of Killing DACA

No, the Trump administration isn’t going to destroy the personal information the “Dreamers” shared believing they’d be spared deportation. The Trump Administration Now Has Tons Of DACA Data And Is Poised To Weaponize It

US Congress has been attempting comprehensive immigration reform for years to no avail. Now, hundreds of thousands of people are left waiting for lawmakers to give them a final answer. Don't hold your breaths folks.
Trump sends mixed messages on DACA