American Gun Reform

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Take it from a gun owner: It’s not a mental illness issue. It’s about assault rifles which have no place in society.

The plead for action on gun control or better yet, firearms restrictions by Americans has sparked fiery opinions on both sides.

Conspiracists promote absurd theories and more mainstream conservative voices insist opinions must be viewed in light of the carnage. Liberals offer a new way forward for progressives.

The following is for your consideration... Only 6.5% of gun owners belong to the NRA. Only 1.3% of Americans do. Well under half of Americans approve of the NRA. A majority of the NRA's members disagree with its positions. The NRA is a radical group run by gun manufacturers—it runs U.S. gun policy via large-scale bribery.

4 crazy ideas conservatives proposed this week for preventing gun violence…

Why The Left Finds Wisdom In The Shrieks Of Parkland’s Traumatized Teens…

Wake up America. Rallies and protests will never improve our existing gun laws. Only registering and Voting will. … #CityImages #DONews #GunReform #GunControl #VOTE #VoteThemOut #USA

The education process does not need guns. Arm schools with more teachers and additional support staff, including social workers, counselors, books, supplies, and more reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Is culture war getting in the way of solving gun violence?