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People from the U.S. and overseas are in disbelief following shootings, which occurred in Orlando Florida. Public Safety officials are investigating this is a hate crime and a possible connection to Islamic terrorism. 50 are reportedly dead and over 50 others injured. This is the second nightclub shooting in the Orlando area in two days.


Hollywood Reacts to Orlando Shootings: ‘Disgusting, Outrageous Tragedy’ via @variety

"Everybody was screaming" - man who escaped Orlando club mass shooting describes his terror

Condolences pour in for Orlando nightclub after shooting

What we know about the Orlando mass shooting so far:

Authorities say they consider the Orlando mass shooting an act of domestic terror

BREAKING: At least 50 dead in Orlando nightclub shooting, officials say

The death toll in the Pulse Orlando shooting has jumped from 20 to 50 people.

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C'mon..... You Second Amendment protection folks have to believe there's a way to achieve a disarmament of the bad guys... And I'm not suggesting more obstructionists getting elected or more people getting more guns into public places with conceal carry permits.... If you want your rights, work constructively to ban these military style weapon and ammo sales.... help to prevent conditions that leave innocents vulnerable to violence. 90 percent of the populace can't be wrong.... Congress is "complicit" in Orlando slaughter, senator says.