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America's Mayor should immediately be put in charge of security for The Mall of America. We can have him go undercover in his underwear as The Naked Cowboy <3

Regardless of what you think and how you feel about the way US President is doing his job, does not allow one to distort the facts. There is a difference between news and views, or facts and opinions.

US President B. Obama was duly elected by a majority of American voters. On the other hand, the term Americas Mayor was never conferred upon R. Giuliani following any election.

It appears to some that the tittle has gone to his head, as he continues to say horrible things bbout Obama

Rudy Giuliani: President Obama doesn’t love America… via @POLITICO

Giuliani's false claims about Obama's speeches

Rudy Giuliani: "Let me explain" why I said Obama doesn't love America… via @cbsnews

Giuliani boasts he 'hit a nerve' in Obama criticism via @nypost

War, extremism, Islam, and America's language police…