Amtrak Clears Tracks

Submitted by ub on Wed, 05/09/2012 - 19:00

At the request of Council Member James Vacca, Amtrak officials visited and cleaned the railroad tracks along Sacket Avenue near Williamsbridge Road on Wednesday, May 9th. The cleanup, which cost approximately $8,000, saw workers haul away a dumpster filled with garbage that had accumulated on Amtrak property.

Recently, local residents became concerned about the debris, which can cause track fires, train accidents, and other major issues. After noticing the conditions of the area, Vacca notified Amtrak officials, who immediately arranged to have the tracks and surrounding areas cleaned.

“Too many people walk by the Amtrak railroad tracks along Sacket Avenue and treat it as if it’s their own personal waste basket,” Vacca said. “Many safety issues emerge when train tracks and the areas around it are not kept cleaned and I thank Amtrak for bringing their attention to this serious matter.”

“We have tried for years to have this cleanup done and we finally succeeded through Councilman Vacca,” said Paulette Sorg, President of the 1541-1551 Williamsbridge Road Tenants Association. “I don’t remember this area being cleaned for a long time and our efforts have finally been rewarded. I thank the Councilman for helping us through this process.”

“The Morris Park Community Association has been working very hard over the years with our residents to get these tracks cleaned and it’s great to see this come into fruition,” said Al D’Angelo, President of the Morris Park Community Association. “On behalf of the entire community I thank Councilman Vacca for once again coming to our aid when we needed it.”