And The Ban Plays On

Submitted by Admin on Thu, 03/16/2017 - 10:04

Trump vows to keep playing his unconstitutional Muslim Ban tune with the assistance of all the president's men, and some of his followers, but what's most important is the law of the land. US courts have once again shot down the gang that couldn't shoot straight. The Latest: Trump suffers new defeat on revised travel ban.

@potus @realdonaldtrump calls the court's ruling against his revised travel ban `unprecedented judicial overreach.' However, as he may be learning the hard way, it is the court that determines what really matters. Federal judges block Trump's travel ban.

And the administration problems are not just limited to his #TRUMPMUSLIMBAN. In fact, the future of #TRUMPCARE is in doubt as another one of the many failed promises which appear to be as dead in the water while his sinking ship keeps on plugging up growing political distress calls.
House GOP health bill facing fresh House committee test

The GOP has been focused on destroying the affordable care act, also known as Obamacare for years. Republicans Already Started Defunding Obamacare Long Before Trump Came into Office.…

Meanwhile, @potus funding cuts in his proposed budget reportedly target food safety, meals on wheels and many other domestic programs. His first formal budget proposal is the so-called America First plan that decreases many domestic areas while increasing security. Defense spending would grow by $54 billion and be offset with public education, environmental protection, and foreign aid reductions. If passed, the budget would also see the disbanding of agencies primarily responsible for supporting public broadcasting, legal aid, and the arts. Trump budget slashes agencies to focus on wall, defense